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Account for: chiếm, giải thích

Allow for: tính đến, xem xét đến

Ask after: hỏi thăm sức khỏe

Ask for: hỏi xin ai cái gì

Ask sb in/ out : cho ai vào/ ra

Advance in : tấn tới

Advance on : trình bày

Advance to : tiến đến

Agree on something : đồng ý với điều gì

Agree with : đồng ý với ai, hợp với, tốt cho

Answer to : hợp với

Answer for : chịu trách nhiệm về

Attend on(upon): hầu hạ

Attend to : chú ý

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D. fed into 214. They’ve _______ a research project to investigate the harmful effects of air pollution. A. Brought in B. taken on C. set up D. turned down 215. As a result of his father’s death, he ______ a lot of money. A. Brought in B. took out C. set aside D. came into 216. “To give someone a ring” is to _______ . A. Call him up B. marry him C. admire him D. pick him up 217. Never _______ till tomorrow what you can do today. A. Take over B. put off C. push into D. turn down 218. Let’s wait here for her; I’m sure she’ll ______ before long. A. Turn down B. turn off C. turn up D. turn over 219. Nobody really knows how this terrible situation came _____ . A. to B. off C. over D. about 220. This jacket is coming _____ at the seams. Why don´t you just throw it out? A. away B. out C. off D. apart 221. She finally came _____ to the idea, but she took a lot of convincing. A. round B. in C. on D. over 222. When it started to snow he ________ his overcoat. A. Took out B. put off C. took off D. put on 223. You need more exercise; you should ______ golf. A. Take up B. take in C. carry on D. carry out 224. The firemen fought for three hours before they managed to ______ the fire. A. Give up B. put out C. break off D. cut back 225. Make sure to _______ pick-pockets when you go to the market. A. watch out for B. come along C. take to D. look at 226. My sister _______ my cats while I was away on vacation. A. looked after B. looked for C. looked at D. looked on 227. Our flight was delayed, but we finally _______ shortly after midnight. A. took off B. took on C. took up D. put off 228. Our school _______ for the summer holidays on the 10th of July. A. breaks up B. breaks down C. breaks off D. breaks in 229. She promised to _______ her cigarette smoking to five a day. A. cut down B. give up C. give away D. cut up 230. 26. The bus only stops here to _______ passengers. A. get off B. pick up C. alight D. get on 231. The child was _______ by a lorry on the safety crossing in the main street. A. knocked out B. knocked down C. run out D. run across GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 19 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 232. The exact questions she had prepared perfect answers for _______ in the exam. A. came out B. came in C. came through D. came up 233. There is just too much work to be done. We’ll have to _______ some new employees. A. get on B. take on C. take off D. get off 234. We’d better stop soon. Otherwise, we’ll _______ of gas. A. run out B. go off C. get off D. get on 235. Nothing goes _______ better than a few cold ones after work on Friday. Yes, a few beers after work is as good as it gets. A. on B. out C. down D. off 236. Someone dropped a match or a cigarette and the whole place just went _______ in flames. A. off B. up C. over D. out 237. The car went _____ a wall at 50 mph, but amazingly nobody was seriously hurt. A. into B. against C. up D. on 238. As soon as I got to the airport, I went _______ _______ the information desk to ask how long my flight would be delayed. A. up to B. off to C. away to D. on to 239. One thing I will say for John is that he never goes back _______ his word. If he promises to do something, he does it. A. on B. in C. off D. from 240. If you ever go to Thailand, be prepared for the customs officials to go _______ your luggage with a fine tooth comb. A. over B. down C. through D. into 241. As time goes _______ he seems to get even more antisocial. A. away B. off C. down D. by 242. Although they are poor, they have _______ five children well. A. grown up B. taken up C. brought up D. pulled up 243. Sportsmen ______ their political differences on the sports field. A. take part B. put aside C. take place D. keep apart 244. When they ______ for the beach, the sun was shining, but by the time they arrived it had clouded over. A. set off B. went on C. left out D. moved up 245. When the lights _______, we couldn’t see a thing. A. put out B. switched of C. went out D. turned down 246. He _______ the boys for making so much noise. A. brought up B. put down C. took back D. told off A. B. C. D. 247. I came _____ an old photo when I was clearing out the garage. A. along B. up C. over D. across 248. The way he runs his business I´d be surprised if it didn't go _______ soon. He can't keep going on such low returns. A. down B. under C. over D. off 249. They´re still going _______ with the party even though they still haven´t found a venue. A. ahead B. in C. off D. over 250. If we want to buy a house, we’ll have to _______ our spending. A. care for B. cut back C. let down D. miss out 251. As the managing director dictating the letter, his secretary _______ what he was saying in shorthand. A. filled out B. took down C. set up D. put off 252. This morning traffic was _______ by an accident outside the town hall. A. held off B. held out C. held up D. held in 253. If we continue to _______ the world’s resources at this rate, there will soon be none left. A. end up B. throw away C. cut off D. use up GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 20 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 A. B. C. D. 254. I´m sorry but I´m afraid we couldn't go _______ with that. I know the board would never agree to it. A. along B. up C. on D. off 255. This milk must have gone ______ ; it´s been in the fridge for at least a week. A. away B. out C. down D. off 256. The government´s economic policies have come _____ _____ some criticism lately. A. in for B. up against C. up to D. on for 257. Do you think this new fashion will _______ ? A. catch on B. come back C. get ahead D. go over 258. “Have you met Henry recently?” “Yes, I _______ while I was in Paris. A. ran him into B. ran into him C. ran Henry into D. ran after him 259. The government has _______ an inquiry to investigate bribery in local elections. A. set up B. set to C. set out D. set about 260. The letters UNESCO ______ United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. A. brings about B. gets across C. stands for D. lights up A. B. C. D. 261. I don´t know where I've seen him before, but it´ll come _____ me in a moment. A. to B. in C. on D. over 262. The bill came _____ an incredible $350. Thank God I had a credit card on me. A. on B. out C. to D. up 263. Her new book is coming _____ next month. They've already sold the film rights. A. off B. out C. over D. up 264. He took the car to his nearest garage so that a mechanic could _______ . A. look it up B. look after it C. look it round D. look at it 265. He was arrested after _______ computer networks in several states. A. breaking out B. breaking into C. breaking down D. breaking for 266. Army had fainted, but we managed to _______ with water from cold tap. A. bring her round B. call her back C. lay her down D. clear her out 267. You are going to apply for the job, and then you decided not to. So what _______ ? A. put you out B. put you off C. turned you off D. turned you away 268. There was a sign, but I couldn’t ________ what it said. A. hand on B. look up C. make out D. see off 269. Could you ______ a moment while I see if Peter is in his office? A. get on well B. get on C. hold on D. stand on 270. Extension 286? I’ll ______ . A. put you through B. get you through C. come you through D. break into you 271. For me, the film didn’t ______ all the enthusiastic publicity it received. A. come up B. live up C. turn up to D. live up to 272. Jack and Linda ______ last week. They just weren’t happy together. A. broke up B. broke into C. finished off D. ended up 273. I’m ______ Tom’s address. Do you know it? A. looking on B. finding out C. looking for D. getting for 274. I can ______ with most things but I can’t stand noisy children. A. put aside B. put on C. put up D. put off 275. If we don’t do something now, the birds are going to ______ soon. A. die of B. die with C. die out D. die on 276. If you really want to lose weight, you need to ______ eating desserts. A. give away B. give up C. put off D. take off 277. I had to ______ her request for a loan. Her credit was just not good enough GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 21 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 A. turn on B. turn off C. turn down D. turn into 278. I need to_______ from work and take a holiday. A. go away B. get away C. relax on D. run on 279. It ______ to be a beautiful night tonight! A. turned into B. turned out C. turned on D. turned off 280. I want you to _______ every bad word you’ve said about my brother. A. take back B. say again C. take off D. give off 281. When I was turning out my cupboard I ______ this photograph of my uncle A. came over B. came round C. came across D. came into 282. He ______ in German, but moved to the US at the age of 18. A. brought to B. grew up C. turned off D. went to 283. He ______ the club on recommendation from his friend Jack. A. got in B. got on C. got by D. got into 284. He _______ unleaded gas and left on his journey. A. poured on B. filled up with C. filled up D. poured with 285. He spent the entire night thinking and in the end _______ a brilliant idea. A. received with B. got up C. came up with D. came out 286. We’re not ready yet, we are going to have to ______ the meeting until next week. A. take off B. put off C. take on D. go off 287. Let’s _______ the grammar one more time before the test. A. go through B. come over C. go on D. go over 288. Look Jack, I’ve _______ your bad behavior long enough! A. put up B. put through C. put up with D. get on well 289. Fifteen years of his life have gone _______ the building up of this company. A. over B. onto C. into D. under 290. There´s a particularly virulent strain of flu going _______ at the moment. A. around B. over C. up D. on 291. "She has turned down their job offer" means: A. She thinks it´s a good offer. B. She has refused it. C. She has accepted it. D. She´s considering it. 292. "The company is taking on new workers" means: A. They are hiring new staff. B. They are firing staff. C. They are letting some people go. D. They are downsizing. 293. "We are bringing the next phase of the negotiations forward" means: A. We´re going to have them later. B. We´re going to cancel them. C. We´re going to call them off altogether. D. We´re going to have then earlier than initially planned. 294. "We have no idea what the final bill will come to" means: A. We don´t know how the bill was calculated. B. We have no idea what the final cost will be. C. We have no idea when the bill will arrive. D. We don´t know when the bill is due. 295. The company is laying off workers" means: A. They are cutting staff. B. They are recruiting staff. C. They are hiring staff. D. They are training staff GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 22 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 296. "We´re going to have to let him go" means: A. We´re going to have to lay him off. B. We´re going to have to take him on. C. We´re going to have to employ him. D. We´re going to have to hire him. 297. "She has decided to take up their job offer" means: A. She´s still thinking it over B. She has declined it C. She has accepted it D. She´s refused it 298. "The alarm clock didn't go off this morning" means: A. It didn´t break. B. It didn´t fall off the shelf. C. It didn´t cost much. D. It didn´t ring. 299. "We are going to put the next meeting back a bit" means: A. We´re going to have to cancel it. B. We´re going to have to hold it at a later date. C. We´re not planning to have another meeting. D. We´re suspending all future meetings. 300. "John didn't turn up until 10.30" means: A. He didn´t leave until 10.30. B. He didn´t get out of bed until 10.30. C. He didn´t arrive until 10.30. D. He didn´t go to bed until 12.30. 301. "Something has come up" means: A. Someone has brought up a point. B. Costs have suddenly increased. C. A price has gone up. D. An unexpected problem has arisen. 302. "Make sure you wrap up well when you go out" means: A. Look where you´re going. B. Wear lots of thick clothes. C. Dress elegantly. D. Drive carefully. 303. "I must pick the children up from school" means: A. I must take them to school . B. I must collect them from school. C. I must drive them to school. D. I must leave them at school. 304. "John´s planning to do up his apartment" means: A. He´s planning to sell it. B. He´s planning to rent it out. C. He´s planning to clean it. D. He´s planning to redecorate it. 305. "That´s a lot of information to take in all at once" means: A. That´s a lot of information to talk about B. That´s a lot of information to discuss C. That´s a lot of information to absorb and process D. That´s a lot of information to write down 306. "I´m afraid I can´t go along with the proposal" means: A. I can´t discuss the proposal now. GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 23 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 B. I can´t agree to the proposal. C. I can´t understand the proposal. D. I can´t see the logic of the proposal. 307. "I have to drop the children off at school" means: A. I have to make sure that they´re at school B. I have to bring them back from school C. I have to collect them from school D. I have to leave them at school 308. "He takes after his father" means: A. He gets a lot of help from his father. B. He gets a lot of financial help from his father. C. He resembles his father, either physically or in personality. D. He doesn´t like his father. 309. “Steve works out a lot” means: A. He does a lot of mathematical calculations. B. He works outside a lot. C. He does a lot of studying. D. He goes to the gym a lot. 310. "I don´t get on with him very well" means: A. I don´t think he´s very intelligent B. We don´t have a very good relationship C. We don´t have a great deal in common D. I don´t work in the same department as him 311. "I think we can rule that option out" means: A. We can safely implement that option. B. We can exclude that option as a possibility. C. We can consider that option D. We can discuss that option further 312. "It´s supposed to be clearing up later" means: A. The weather´s supposed to become more changeable later. B. The weather´s supposed to be getting worse later. C. No change is expected in the weather in the short term. D. The weather´s supposed to improve later. 313. "Jane is always very well turned out" means: A. She´s always very well dressed. B. She´s always very punctual. C. She´s always very interesting. D. She´s always very reliable. 314. "Their marriage didn´t work out because they had nothing in common" means: A. Their marriage was very passionate. B. Their marriage wasn´t successful. C. Their marriage didn´t last very long. D. Their marriage was very short. 315. "I think we can fit you in at 5.30" means: A. We can arrange a fitting for 5.30. B. We´ll let you know at 5.30. C. We´ll call you back at 5.30. D. We can arrange an appointment for 5.30. 316. "John brought up the possibility of lay-offs at the last meeting" means: A. John mentioned the possibility of lay-offs. B. John rejected the possibility of lay-offs. C. John didn´t want to discuss the possibility of lay-offs. GV: Nguyễn Quỳnh Trang Facebook: lopcoquynhtrang Moon.vn - Học để khẳng định mình 24 Hotline: 0432 99 98 98 D. John said lay-offs were unlikely in the immediate future. 317. "One day she´s going to come into a lot of money" means: A. One day she´s going to inherit a lot of money. B. One day she´s going to make a lot of money. C. One day she´s going to spend a lot of money. D. One day she´s going to earn a lot of money. 318. "We want to fix something up for later this week" means: A. We want to repair something later this week. B. We would like to arrange a meeting for later in the week. C. We would like to postpone the meeting. D. We would like to cancel the meeting until further notice. 319. "It was David who came up with the new cost saving strategy" means: A. It was David who rejected it. B. It was David who criticized it. C. It was David who conceived it. D. It was David who ridiculed it. 320. "The meeting has been called off" means: A. The meeting is going to be held at an earlier date . B. The meeting is going to be held at a different venue. C. The meeting has been cancelled. D. The meeting has been rearranged.

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