Overview of the factors influencing the independent audit opinion on auditing reports of listed firms

Audit opinion is an important factor determining the reliability of financial statements. There have been

a lot of frauds stemming from information in financial reports that are caused by independent auditors

opinion. This article provides an overview of the factors influencing independent auditing opinions from

domestic as well as foreign studies to provide future research direction. The author uses the

methodology of secondary and international literature to synthesize the influence factors. The research

overview will provide a comprehensive review of academic research pertaining to factors, models, and

sample sizes that have been researched to help other researchers have a meaningful background and

considerations impact factors that need to be further tested.

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al. (2016), which tested the factors affecting the assumed continuous audit opinions. The study is implemented using the Bianry Logistic regression model with sample size of VN133 (companies listed on HOSE) from 2011 to 2014. Variables used in the model include: (1) Financial variables: financial ratio, liquidity, profitability, operating ratio (2) Non-financial variables: size of enterprise, size of auditing company, previous assumed continuous audit opinions. The accuracy of the model is 94%. However, this work is limited by the number of samples which is only companies listed on HOSE and the number of variables affects the unqualified audit opinion with the assumption of continuous operation. 3. Conclusion Auditors are always essential people and gotten particular interest to auditing companies as well as those who use financial statements. On the side of auditing companies, the verification and expression of financial statements of enterprises should be very careful to avoid affecting the decisions of the users of the financial statements. On the side of the users of the financial report, many of the scandals that have taken place have deep roots from relying on audit opinions to make decisions. On the side of regulators, with the aim of enhancing transparency for financial markets and competing in independent auditing, the identification of factors affecting the audit opinion is necessary to have the appropriate management policy. This article summarizes studies in the world and in Vietnam is an important aspect to study in Vietnam in the future. The author believes that this is an extraodinary exciting topic, following the rapid development of Vietnam as well as of the world and especially as the competition between auditing companies is getting fiercer, this topic will soon become hot spots that will be paid much attention at conferences or economic forums in Vietnam. 547 4. References Ahmet Ozcan (2016),. “Determining Factors Affecting Audit Opinion: Evidence from Turkey”, International Journal of Accounting and Financial Reporting, ISSN 2162- 3082 2016, Vol. 6, No. 2. Ali Jouri (2016), “The relationship between auditor's opinions, corporate governance and accounting information quality”, International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology and Research (IJBR), ISSN 0976-2612, Online ISSN 2278–599X, Vol-7, Special Issue3-April, 2016, pp404-408. Anderson, R. C., Mansi, S. A., & Reeb, D. M. (2004), “Board characteristics, accounting report integrity, and the cost of debt”, Journal of accounting and economics, 37(3), 315-342. 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